Monday, January 19, 2009


I think most of the people around the world have already knew that there will be a different
president in the USA.Hopefully that this new president,Barack Obama will do his job as being
mandated.People are counting very much on him to make a refreshment and they also longing for peace as they can walk around the street without worrying anything that might take their life
away.The rising of this human as a person who will be ruling one of the most powerful region in
the world has raised hope many people around the universe.There will be no more war...Citizens
have put their full trust on him in order for him to make changes and fix all the problems that
cannot be handled efficiently by the cruel and hearltless previous president,Bush.A very high
expectation i demand from him and i believe that this new ruler should be able to deal with
problems beyond his visualisation and imagination particularly towards the sake of his own
folks.I would be extremely grateful if he could do something with his great dominance and
authority to stop individuals from all over the world from having misconception towards Islam and stop being prejudice to Muslims and Islam itself.

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